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We at East End Hi-Fi cater to the discriminating music lover, and have been doing so for over 15 years.  We are located in Eastern Long Island, but are easily accessible from anywhere in the tri-state area.

We specialize in high-end audio offering best-in-class products throughout our product line.  Whether you are interested in an integrated audio system for a small room, or need the expertise to create a dedicated listening space, East End Hi-Fi has a system that will fit your needs. 

Come visit our home-based listening rooms, and hear your music like you have  never heard before.  The advantage of a home-based listening room to you is that you’ll come away knowing that what you heard during a demonstration is easily duplicated in your own home.   Please contact us to set up an appointment for a personalized demonstration tailored to your individual needs by a company dedicated to deliver reproduced music like it was meant to be heard…live!

Your System's Most Important Component by Robert Harley

The high-end audio dealer is the lynchpin of the industry. The dealer is the ambassador for good sound, introducing the uninitiated to the joys of high-quality music reproduction.  By providing that experience, dealers are a vital conduit for sharing our culture and our values with the current generation as well as the next ones.  Even if you're a seasoned audiophile, there's still no substitute for the advice and services of a skilled and caring dealer. The best retailers are long-term consultants, guiding you as your system evolves and improves so that each upgrade is a real step forward and not a lateral move that trades one set of compromises for a different set. Audio components don't operate in isolation; each product's intrinsic performance is just one element in a much larger picture, a picture that experienced retailers often see but consumers don't, simply because building musical systems is the retailer's profession. On a macro level, a healthy dealer base is essential to our industry. On a micro level, your local dealer may just be your system's most important component.