Paul Seydor of The Absolute Sound recently had an extremely positive review of the speaker:

"Put simply, Alan Shaw's new Harbeth Super HL5plus is one of the most beautiful-sounding speaker systems I've heard since the original Quad electrostatic.  The comparison is not stated lightly:  This transducer has the same musical authority, naturalness, midrange beauty, and really extraordinary top to bottom coherence that I've heard from very few dynamic speakers of any type, persuasion, or expense."

"but also to the way the drivers themselves though of different materials seem to speak with one voice."
"I was unable to push the RADIAL2 cone into doubling or make the port chuff."
"The midrange is everything we've come to expect from a Harbeth: drop-dead gorgeous and so seamlessly integrated to the top and bottom ends of the spectrum that it's an exercise in artificiality to discuss them separately.  To play voice or any kind of acoustic instrument either solo or part of an ensemble is to bring a smile to your face-so easy, beautiful, and effortlessly natural in reproduction."
"What about rock, heavy metal, rap, hip-hop, etc?"  I think it sounds quite sensational with Jagger at his most aggressive, Paul Simon at his most dynamic and powerful on Graceland, and Pink Floyd at their most outrageous.  This owes in part to the speakers remarkable transparency, clarity and dynamic range.  But it is also due to it's full tonal balance in the lower midrange and upper bass-the warmth region that a great many rock producers and performers really like to get into their recordings."
"The 5plus is fully competitive with anything I'm aware of out there when it comes to kick, drive, pace, and rhythm, and it manages to achieve these results while sounding completely natural."


East End Hi-Fi is please to partner with Aurender one of the premier Music Server manufacturers in audio!  The solid build quality, small footprint, ease of use, and most importantly simply the best tablet application on the market!  

​We now have their N100H music file server for audition.  It comes internally with a 2TB hard drive, and accepts external USB drives for more storage or you can add a NAS drive to your network. In addition, streaming with TIDAL streaming service at full 16/44khz allow you to have access to over 5 million songs for $20.00/mo!!  Priced at $2699.00 it offers many features of much more expensive models.

East End Hi-Fi has just partnered with Peachtree Audio to sell their line of compact electronics.  We at East End recognize the need for a small home/office system to meet the needs of those customers who have limited space.
By utilizing one of Peachtree’s integrated 24/192 DAC/Preamp/Power Amp/Headphone Amp, and partnering it with either the KEF LS50 or the  Harbeth P3ESR’s, it would create a perfect small home/office system to be used with music files. Add in Aurender's N100H Music Server, and a quality router and NAS or USB drive, and you have a totally networked system.  In addition with the Aurender, you can get streaming services through Tidal and obtain full 16/44 CD resolution!

Geoff Husband of TNT Audio has reviewed the Hana SL MC cartridge:
“I could live with the Hana... If tomorrow all the other cartridges I had disappeared I would be quite happy to continue listening.  I wouldn't feel short-changed, and though I might miss certain things they wouldn't 'bother' me so much. No other cartridge under 1500 Euro has passed this test. That the Hana is well below this limit is quite an achievement.”

René van Es of The EAR magazine reviewed both the EH & SL models:
“If the vinyl revival continues I see a bright future for the new Hana brand, its excellent price to quality ratio should ensure that.”Geoff Husband of TNT Audio has reviewed the Hana SL MC cartridge:

“I could live with the Hana... If tomorrow all the other cartridges I had disappeared I would be quite happy to continue listening.
I wouldn't feel short-changed, and though I might miss certain things they wouldn't 'bother' me so much. No other cartridge under
1500 Euro has passed this test. That the Hana is well below this limit is quite an achievement"


SOTA Moonbeam Series III Turntable 

There are four key features that differentiate the Aurender N100H from other servers:
1.     120GB solid state drive
2.    Custom 35 Watt linear power supply
3.    Low noise USB output
4.    It accepts TIDAL streaming of over 25 million songs!

The key feature with all Aurender products that make them sound better than anything else is that they utilize an “audiophile approved” 120GB solid state drive for cached playback.  By allowing cached playback the music you hear is buffered from the internal hard drive to the solid state drive allowing for better sound.  Most computer network players at this price don’t offer liner power supplies.  

Digital Audio Review said this about the Aurender N100H:

“The Aurender N100H sounds superior to a tricked-out MacMini which in turn bests a MacBook Air”

“Aurender’s N100H stylishly sidesteps the hit-and-miss, bit-by-bit world of PC/Mac improvement whilst simultaneously obviating the need for a separate music server or NAS.”

“It’s a self-contained solution encased in a box that shows Aurender’s keen eye for sleek industrial design which, let’s face it, is sorely lacking at the affordable end of the audiophile music server segment (and even in some high end solutions).”

“That the N100H arrives with more than enough potential and flexibility to satisfy both newcomers and experienced ‘philes alike – not to mention the unmissable fact you have to spend a good deal more money to better it – means the only appropriate way to wrap this commentary is with a bow: DAR-KO award.”

The Computer Audiophile said this:

“The Aurender N100H is a hybrid component capable of being a caching network player streaming from a NAS and / or a music server with local storage. Add in the fact that it can stream lossless music from TIDAL’s vast library, music lovers shouldn’t run out of options with the N100H.”

“The 2TB of storage is either very useful now, or may become useful depending on one’s circumstances in the future. Upgrades to the iOS application, since I previously reviewed an Aurender server, have only served to increase the value proposition of the Aurender line of products.”

“The Aurender team continuously has its finger on the pulse of user communities and has quickly and excellently introduced such features as a leading integration with TIDAL and, a personal favorite, sharing with friends feature. Opening up my listening room (virtually) by sharing music with friends around the world has tremendous power to turn a solitary activity into a joint experience.”

“The N100H’s linear power supply and low noise custom USB audio output no doubt contribute greatly to its superb sound quality.”

“The N100H is a great next step for those looking to move from a traditional computer based source to a more complete system approach that continues to improve without the need for user intervention. Let the Aurender team do the work while you do the listening.”


TAS 2016 Product of the Year & 2017 Editor's Choice Awards:

"Though the Challenger Mk3 may not have the sheer low-end weight and power of the esteemed German manufacturer's upper tier designs, it still delivers purity, focus, elegance of presentation, and exceptional musicality. Drums, for instance, may not have the ultimate punch, but are still terrifically fast, textured and explosive."

"Call it a Challenger that punches above its weight - and TAS' 2016 TURNTABLE OF THE YEAR"

Stereophile Recommended Components Awards  Oct 2016:

Acoustic Signature Triple X:  "Anyone considering the purchase of a more expensive high-mass turntable owes it to himself/herself to audition the Acoustic Signature Triple X before spending money on something else." (Vol.38 No.9 WWW)

Acoustic Signature WOWXXL: "Compared with RD's Linn LP12 record player, the combination of WOW XXL and Acoustic Signature TA-1000 tonearm produced greater dynamics and detail, greater vitality in the sounds of brass instruments, and more convincing reproduction of space."

Acoustic Signature WOWXL:  Described by HR as "the lowest  priced, high-quality turntable I know of that can be purchased with  a blank armboard"


​​What's New!

SOTA Satellite Series II Turntable

Joël Chevassus of had this to say:

"Summing up, the Violins pay back in full for their sticker. You obtain a beautiful whilst singular appearance, a seamless sound, satisfying resolution and scaled-up staging. Beyond these subjective whilst technical considerations, the most striking feature remains their ability to deliver full immersion with neutral sonics due to efficient enclosure and xover design work. That’s not so common when dealing with speakers of such strong-willed shape."

Terry London of had this to say:

Comparison and Competition

"Two speakers that I have auditioned that would be the competitors to the Violin SE based on design and price would be the Von Schweikert Audio Unifield Two MK2, which retails for $7,995, and the Vivid V-1.5, which retails for $7,650. The Von Schweikert Audio Unifield MK2 offers excellent bass extension for a stand-mount speaker. However, it did not produce a large holographic soundstage and completely disappear like the Violin SE does. The Violin SE's midrange tonality/timbres, along with its transition to the lower high frequencies, were at a higher level of refinement than the Unifield MK2. The Vivid V-1.5 offers speed, powerful micro-dynamics, and excellent transparency/clarity, allowing all the little details of the music to be easily heard. However, it suffers from what I previously mentioned in the body of the review regarding many speakers on today's market: It sounds somewhat analytical and slightly dry in its overall presentation of the music. This is where the Violin SE pulled way ahead in being able to allow me to relax and get into the emotions of the music because of its rich and full tonality/color/timbres, without losing micro-details or transient speed."

"The Violin SE, like all Lawrence speakers, is built to a very high standard and provides a beautiful and unique physical appearance. The Violin SE provides reference-level performance in the areas of soundstaging, rich and natural tonality/timbres, extremely fast transients/micro-details, octave-to-octave seamlessness, and powerfully taut bass extension. Finally, it allows you to hear everything in the music without sounding analytical in any way. During my time with the Violin SE, I nicknamed this speaker the "Baby Cello" because it comes so close to the performance of its big and much more expensive brother."

Gary Lea of Positive Feedback said this:

"Like some other speakers I have reviewed in the past what these speakers DO provide is a very enjoyable experience with a good deal of detail resolution, strong ability to handle aggressive rhythm and pace, excellent sound staging, and a very fluid midrange."


East End Hi-Fi is pleased to announced new partnerships with both Torus Power and OPPO Digital.  
These two companies are very highly regarded in their respective areas in the audio industry.
East End Hi-Fi have the Torus Power TOT AVR and the OPPO BDP-105D in house for audition.

East End Hi-Fi is pleased to announce a new partnership with SOTA turntables.  SOTA has been in the business for making high quality, great value, traditional turntables for well over twenty years.  They are highly regarded in the press, and they are made right here in the USA!

East End Hi-Fi is pleased to announce our new partnership with one of high-end audio’s stalwarts, Vandersteen Audio!  Vandersteen has been producing some of the finest, most award winning speakers in the industry for nearly forty years.  Vandersteen Audio designs and manufactures time- and phase- correct loudspeakers and superb electronics.  Every Vandersteen loudspeaker is
designed to be as true and accurate to the signal received from the amplifier as possible, but with unsurpassed natural musicality and “Dimensional Purity.” All Vandersteen products are proudly
designed and manufactured in the USA, in Hanford, CA.

After receiving The Absolute Sound’s 2015 Product of the Year award, hot off the press, Michael Fremer of Stereophile was extremely enthusiastic about the GEM Dandy PolyTable with the Jelco SA-750D 9” tonearm which retail for $1695. 00:

“The PolyTable was a neat miracle of rhythm ‘n pace excellence, tonal neutrality, image stability, and just plain honest listening pleasure.”

“This combination produced the kind of smooth, effortless, “tinkly free” musical flow, three-dimensional spaciousness, and midband richness that are attractive to those of any age who love music played from vinyl.”

“This table’s image stability and soundstaging abilities were remarkable for a turntable at any price.”

“The PolyTable was also very quiet, with very low background noise”

“but the transients are so beautifully reproduced by this relatively inexpensive combo – as are Jones’ drums – and the stage is so three-dimensional and finely set, I’m good! “

“At $1695.00 including the Jelco SA-750D, the GEM Dandy PolyTable is easy to recommend.”

“perhaps one or more of them has better bass extension, but if they do, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was at the cost of the PolyTable’s stellar rhythm ‘n pace.  I’d give up a bit on the bottom end to get this table’s entertaining drive.  I didn’t want to turn it off.”

Please call or email to set up an appointment to audition the  GEM Dandy PolyTable with the Jelco SA-750E, 10” tonearm and the external Digital Motor Drive & Speed Controller!


Lawrence Audio speakers are precision crafted and distinguishable by their unique angular designs, which are not created simply for aesthetic purposes. Unlike simple rectangle or square speakers, the angular designs of the speakers reduce unwanted resonance so that the listeners can enjoy uncompromised, pure sound reproduction. Listeners are able to delight in a performance that is only second best to the live performance itself. Furthermore, all Lawrence Audio speakers are designed entirely in Taiwan and made from the highest quality materials. These custom-made speakers are not mass produced and are tested for sound quality by professional engineers and by Lawrence Liao himself. “I am very hands-on and very involved with my work, from the time I first draft the designs , all the way to the finished product.”
Lawrence Audio - Hear and see the difference!East End Hi-Fi is pleased to announce a new partnership with Lawrence Audio!  Founded in 1996 by Lawrence Liao, Lawrence Audio has created an exquisite line up of eye-catching and beautiful sounding loudspeakers including several modeled after actual musical instruments. The original inspiration for the design of these unique speakers is Lawrence’s love of classical music and instruments such as the violin, mandolin, and the cello.

East End Hi-Fi is proud of our relationship with Mytek Digital, and excited that their Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ was been recognized by both Stereophile & TAS for it's outstanding performance!

East End Hi-Fi have just received our demonstration pair of Harbeth's Super HL5plus Speakers!

East End Hi-Fi has just received our demo pair of the brand new Harbeth 40th Anniversary 30.2 Monitor Speakers! 

Fully broken in, these speakers have an amazing sense of presence, excellent soundstaging, and timbre. Instruments and voices sound scarily realistic! Bass is tight, and nicely extended with normal room boost, especially for a 50Hz response.

Make an appointment to audition these fine speakers at East End Hi-Fi!!!

East End HI-Fi are pleased to announce our new partnership with George Merrill and his new company, GEM Dandy.  George Merrill has been desiging and producing turntables for many decades, and has been the pioneer of many innovations in the design of turntables overf the years.  He ahs done  wextensive work in reducing both internal and external vibrations.  His work with polymers on the new GEM Dandy PolyTables make it one of the best values in analog!

East End Hi-Fi is pleased to have added a pair of the classic EAR 509 100w Monoblock Amplifiers for audition.  The EAR 509 mono was born to serve professional studios. The nature of high fidelity in studios makes it perfectly suited for audio playback in the home. The 100 Watt mono is a Tim de Paravicini design classic that has been in continual production for over 30 years. Its timeless rectilinear form is hand finished in polished chrome giving a clean and elegant look. Despite its high power, it has been refined to be densely packaged without sacrificing any performance enabling the compact design.



 Zesto Leto 1.5 Tube Preamplifier
‘The Leto is a powerful sounding, highly detailed, fantastically quiet, and superbly musical masterpiece that will complement the finest systems’ – Positive Feedback


“The Zesto Audio Leto 1.5 Tube Preamplifier bests the 1.0 in features and in every parameter I can think of. It hosts improvements in the highs, mids, and bass and makes the music live in your high-end system. Plus, it is not more expensive, just improved and perfected! It even sports an excellent headphone output jack on the front panel for added pleasure. The 1.5 is a real keeper in my book and worthy of any system no matter how expensive… Most highly recommended.”
 – Robert H. Levi,

                   2014 Stereophile Recommended Component

“I was very impressed with the Leto. Zesto Audio has produced a well-made, stunningly gorgeous product that gave me hours of pleasure as I listened to a wide range of recordings. In this crazy market of ever increasing prices, a tubed line stage with so many strengths that can produce this level of musical satisfaction without costing somewhere in the five figures is commendable!”

 – Robert Reina, Stereophile, April, 2014

                          2013 Editor’s Choice Award – The Absolute Sound

“The Zesto Leto Tube Preamplifier and Quad 909 amp share similar characteristics of being unusually free from electromechanical artifacts and having vivid and engaging midranges, a full bottom end, and completely natural top ends. Their presentations also have an unusually high degree of body and dimensionality to them… It results in a musicality and impression of realism is at once valid and authoritative yet without ever stepping outside the boundaries of sonic neutrality.”
 – Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound, Feb., 2013

“Zesto was debuting their new Leto tubed line preamplifier ($7500, top), which, like the Andros phono stage (bottom), is made in the USA. The performance of Mahler’s Symphony 1, with the Boston Philharmonic on a typically bright-sounding DG LP, had me sitting for the entire first movement, so low was the noise floor and so high the dynamic range”
– John Atkinson, Stereophile, reporting on Newport 2012 show

“George and Carolyn Counnas of Zesto Audio were on hand and showing off something new — the Leto, their nifty $7,500 tubed preamp. If I were able to make something this pretty — and have it sound this good — I’d be pleased, too. The aesthetic should be familiar to show-goers as it follows the elegant, flowing lines of their $3,900 Andros PS1 phono stage, a unit that suddenly seems to be just about everywhere. I stayed for half an hour. And came back. Three times. I loved this room. LOVED it. The sound was rich and big and grand and totally inviting. Detail? Check. Immediacy? Check. Room filling? Check. Made me want to hang out all day? Checkcheckcheck!”

Zesto Andros PS-1.2 Phono Preamplifier


“No analog devotee will not enjoy listening to the Zesto Andros PS-1.2 Phono Preamplifier. It had an addictive sound that combined the 12AX7 tube’s well known golden glow warmth with uncommon extension at the extremes of the audio band… I highly recommend the Zesto Andros PS1. It’s among the more enjoyable and satisfying phono preamplifiers I’ve auditioned at any price”
– Michael Fremer, Stereophile, March 2013

“The new Zesto Andros PS-1.2 Phono Preamplifier clobbers the original, and may just be the best piece of audio gear designed by George Counnas to date. Combine trend setting flexibility, head turning design, glorious performance, and super competitive pricing and you will understand the impact of this beauty in my reference system. If you are searching for a top performing phono stage, consider the Andros 1.2. It will open a window to the glories of high-end, high-definition sound without your having to take on a second mortgage. My highest recommendation!”
 – Robert H. Levi, Positive Feedback, April, 2015 (read the review)

Robert Harley in 2012 CES show report stated the Zesto room (at 2012 T.H.E. Show at The Flamingo) exhibited “a rare epiphany in which the system so totally disappears that the music seems to just exist independently of the hardware. The system, put together by Zesto, Lindemann, and retailer Audio Revelation, was absolutely jaw-dropping in its presence and realism.” Robert also awarded this room one of his “Best Sound” awards.


John Acton of Positive Feedback Online said this:

"When you factor in the price and all of its standard features, the Cronus is a bona fide bargain. I urge you to listen to it before Rogue Audio comes to their senses and raises the price."

Jason Kennedy of Hi-Fi + said this:

"The Rogue Cronus Magnum is a great amp for the money. It eschews fancy casework in favour of solid engineering and great sonic results. You pay a small levy for having it built where it’s built but, as British motorcycle fans realise, in the long term these things do matter."


"The EAR excels in overall stereo staging and in the reproduction of dynamic contrasts. Its overall dynamic range gives one the impression that it has twice the rated horsepower."  -The Absolute Sound-


"The first thing that hit me, and I mean right between the ears!, was the truly incredible depth of the reproduction."

"This amplifier is one of the best."

Further Comments: The specificity of depth reproduction is as startling as observed. The instruments and voices sound more well-defined. This effect can be addictive – once you get used to it, it may be hard to give up. Concerning low bass performance, they do go very low… and with lots of guts. It’s hard to believe you’re listening to a tube amp. Many music listeners will feel it makes their speaker sound more like music. You may find they do wonders for your speakers."


"They have ample power, and don’t show any sign of strain, even when delivering very high levels. I found it telling that a large number of people (involved in the music business) simply preferred the EAR’s to any other model in a group of amplifiers with which they were being compared over a period of a few months. Many of the best solid-state amplifiers currently available did not have the sense of depth and solidity of imaging, nor did they have the bass delivery, of the EAR’s."

Conclusion: "After a few months use I am still finding out how good and how different the EAR’s can sound. They are beautiful to listen to and bring back the excitement and dynamic quality to music that other amplifiers hid so well. They also bring back life and the dynamic quality in reviewers suffering boredom."
 -Hi-Fi News & Record Review-


"EAR amplifiers offer state-of-the-art performance. They are fast, dynamic and powerful, with an elegant visual design and a high standard of finish.  The vocal quality was sweeter and more natural, with no false bass end. Bass instruments came over as deep and powerful, always sounding clean and controlled, and allowed the more delicate aspects of the signal – such as ambience and instrumental timbre – to shine through. Treble end was ‘fast’ and detailed without being wearing. Tracks sounded firm, detailed and together with a sense of continuity or momentum."  -Hi-Fi News & Record Review-


"EAR is responsible for much of the electronics in The Sound Clinic (Island Records mastering studio), and the record mastering system that makes The Sound Clinic unique.  EAR modelled the mechanical attributes of the cutter system, predetermined the resonance coloration’s and cancelled them electronically. There was a kind of unison between what EAR was doing and what we wanted, what we had been working towards all along. For the Studer mastering recorders, EAR developed Class A line drivers that sound far better than any permutation Studer have ever made. They are stunning. We get more headroom, slew rate is very fast, they’re cleaner and quieter."  -Hi-Fi Answers-


All SOTA tables come with a full 2 Year manufacturer’s warranty, and a lifetime trade-in value!

East-End Hi-Fi has both the Satellite Series II at $1900.00 with the REGA S202 tonearm, and the Moonbeam Series III at $850.00 also with the REGA S202 tonearm on display!  Both turntables are available in natural, dark or black oak, American cherry or American walnut finish.

Here's what Tim Roth of Positive Feedback Online said about the Moonbeam Series II:  
"The final verdict is that the Moonbeam II is much more than a entry level turntable.  In fact, it's not leaving my home.  I'm keeping it,and most impressively, I'm going to keep listening to vinyl"

Here's what 10 Audio had to say about the Satellite:  
"The SOTA Satellite turntable with Origin Live (East End Hi-Fi carries OriginLive) Zephyr tonearm handily outperforms at least one well-received competitor (VPI Classic) in its price range. While better performance is obtainable at a higher cost, this combination offers a very consistent sound from low bass to upper treble and makes fine music that is always enjoyable."

The Mytek Brooklyn DAC/Pre has just received The Absolute Sound's 2017 "Golden Ear Award"!

Contact East End Hi-FI to audition the brand new Mytek Brooklyn DAC + !!!

Steven Stone noting, "The $1995.00 Brooklyn is not only a DAC, but also a preamplifier for 
both analog and digital sources, a headphone amplifier that supports both single-ended 
and balanced cans, and a phono preamplifier for both moving coil, and moving magnet cartridges."

"Once you throw MQA into the equation, I have to say "game over" for any DAC or DAC manufacturer 
who can't keep up".

Stereophile's 2017 Digital Product of the Year!!!
The Mytek Brooklyn DAC, Preamp, Phono, and Headphone Amp!!


East End Hi-Fi is excited about our new partnership with Zesto Audio a premier manufacturer of Hi-End electronics.  Zesto’s founder and President, George Counnas said, “I’ve loved music all my life – as a musician, record producer and audio engineer. That makes me fussy about sound. That’s a good thing.”  His background in electronics started “as a young man in England, I designed vacuum tube circuits. I worked for DECCA Navigator — at the time Britain’s largest electronics company — as part of a research and development team designing airborne navigational systems for the Royal Air Force. So I have many years of experience designing, creating and bringing to market high-end electronic equipment. The difference here is that no one’s life is at stake.”

East End Hi-FI has recently partnered with Japanese  MC cartridge maker Excel Sound that manufactures the brand Hana MC phono cartridges.  
Excel Sound Corporation prides themselves on their manufacturing quality and quality control processes at every stage, ensuring their hand made cartridges offer consistently perfect results.  Hana’s base offering is the EL (Elliptical stylus/ Low output of .5mv) and the EH (Elliptical stylus/ High output of 2mv), and at $475.00 retail, it’s an amazing value.  The high performance Hana S range “SH” and“SL” cartridges use a nude natural diamond Shibata-stylus which the company say is capable of “excellent high frequency response with supreme transparency and excellent trackability”. The S range comes in two output options offering either high output 2.0mv/1KHz (SH)
or Low output 0.5mv/1KHz (SL). Both options are $750.00 each which places them as a relatively modestly priced offering.

Steve Guttenberg of C/Net just reviewed the new Harbeth 40th Anniversary Monitor 30.2 Speakers:

"The M30.2s sound like a portal back to the session. It's a sound you'll want to savor."  "I love that the M30.2 makes less than stellar recordings sound more listenable than I would have thought possible."

" The band's grooves with meaty, visceral bass lines belied the M30.2's modest size. 
This speaker really has a way with electric and acoustic bass instruments -- not just the weight, you feel the texture of the vibrating strings. I love that! "

"Vocals are also lovely. They sound more fully developed and natural than I've heard from most other speakers in the M30.2's price class."

"There was something really special going on here. The Harbeth Monitor 30.2 40th Anniversary Edition is a music lover's speaker. "


Here’s what Robert Harley of TAS recently said of Audio Alchemy’s DDP-1 Preamp/DAC/Headphone Amp ($1995.00 retail), DPA-1 Stereo Power Amp ($1995.00 retail), and DPA-1M Monoblock Power Amp ($1995.00 each, retail):

“The DDP-1 offers two unbalanced inputs on RCA jacks, one balanced input on XLR jacks, and an extensive array of digital inputs. These include AES/EBU, two TosLink optical, two coaxial, USB, and even I2S. The USB input accepts PCM up to 216kHz/32-bit along with DSD64. “  

“Overall, the DDP-1 is a highly capable and versatile centerpiece of a system that’s a pleasure to use on a daily basis"

“The sound (of the DDP-1 & the DPA-1M’s) was remarkably transparent, clean, dynamic, and resolved by any measure, and even more so considering the components’ reasonable price.”  “The Alchemy products threw a large and well-defined soundstage, with outstanding depth, dimensionality, and separation of individual instrumental lines.”

“Perhaps the most salient characteristics of the DDP-1 and DPA-1M, however, were powerful rhythmic drive, wide dynamic expression, and rock-solid visceral grip in the bottom end. The timpani in “Mars” was taut, powerful, deep, and dynamic. Bass guitar had a solid feel that was simultaneously full and tight, combining timbral warmth and body with outstanding pitch definition and articulation. Kick-drum cut through the mix with a solid impact. Switching to the less powerful DPA-1 stereo amplifier, I heard no reduction in dynamic range, bass control, or bottom-end extension, at least driving the 94dB-sensitive Magico loudspeakers.”

“These new products are a far cry from the Alchemy of yore, with much more advanced engineering, upscale casework, and a superb user interface. The DDP-1 and DPA-1 bring terrific sound and stunning value to the category. As a linestage, the DDP-1 is amazingly clean and transparent. Unlike most electronics of this price, the DDP-1 doesn’t add a patina of electronic hardness over instrumental timbres. Nor does it add opacity to the soundstage or compress dynamics. The DDP-1’s DAC section is simply sensational; this level of sound quality would be outstanding in a $4000 stand-alone DAC. Clarity, openness, detail, and exceptional dynamics define the DAC’s performance.”
“The DPA-1 stereo amplifier and DPA-1M mono amplifiers are no less impressive. Their wide dynamics, terrific grip in the bass, and upbeat sonics made them a joy to listen to. Moreover, the amplifiers possess the same level of clarity and resolution as the DDP-1. Significantly, the amplifiers don’t exhibit the shortcomings I’ve heard in previous Class D designs. Even in the context of reference-quality sources and loudspeakers, it was easy to forget that I was listening to electronics that aren’t stratospherically priced.”
“The return of Audio Alchemy is welcome news for those seeking the highest possible price-to-performance ratio in electronics today.”

Here’s what Alan Sircom of Hi-Fi+,  said about the "Audio Alchemy DDP-1, PS-5 and DPA-1," in June 2016:

We’ve all used clichés like ‘punches above its weight’ or ‘giant killer’ a lot in audio, but these terms are richly deserved here. This range is so exciting, so intrinsically ‘right’ sounding, and so much damn fun you can’t help but
like it a lot.”

"Audio Alchemy DDP-1 / DPA-1 Review," Stereo magazine (Japan), May 5, 2016:

“The DDP-1 embodies a dream for next-generation high-end audio in a small-sized and high-quality casework... The DPA-1 is a beautiful small-sized device that distinguishes itself from many other heavy-duty high-end devices while it has a strikingly appealing sound beyond its class, and its massive output power is noteworthy.”


East End Hi-Fi have just received our Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum II Integrated Amp for demonstration!!

This has to be one of the best performing integrated amps of all time for a very reasonable price of $2495.00.  A KT-120 based tube amp offering 100w/ch, it's very neutral sounding with excellent dynamics, beautiful mids, and a very powerful bottom end.

Here’s what has been said about the Torus Power products:

The Torus TOT AVR was awarded the 2015 “Product of the Year” award for Tone Audio magazine:

“No matter how great your components are, you aren’t hearing all they are capable of if you’re just plugging them into the wall. Forget about all the scuttlebutt you’ve heard on various internet forums and just plug into a Torus.” 

“If you don’t have a huge power amplifier, or just want to test the water by filtering the power to all of your line level components,
there’s no better place to start than with the TOT AVR. It has a 10-amp maximum capacity and six outputs that all feature a large toroidal
transformer (even the TOT weighs about 35 lbs.) that provides filtering and isolation from the AC line.”

“Bottom line, plug into a Torus and get ready to instantly hear a lower noise floor and better, cleaner transient attack without degradation to the delicate musical signal in any way. For $2,295 we can’t think of a better upgrade to your system.”

WiFi HiFi Magazine at CES 2016 said that the  Torus Power TOT AVR was one of the “10 Eye Catching Products”:

“Every home theatre should have clean power with Automatic Voltage Regulation to boot. A Torus Power AVR15+ at $4,000 may not be within reach of most home theatre owners.  However, the $2,000 Torus TOT AVR (rated at 10A) is a must-buy for any home theatre enthusiast.  It provides automatic voltage regulation, thereby enhancing protection against voltage sags, brownouts and surges;  plus Smart Ethernet connectivity and an RS232 interface. Ideal for home theatre receivers and two-channel audio systems, it will keep the output constant within the range of 115 Volts to 125 Volts, with an input voltage of 90V to 130V. I highly recommend this unit.”

OPPO Blu-Ray Players have been about the most significant since the advent of Blu-Ray:

Chris Martin of The Absolute Sound said this about the OPPO BDP-105 Player:

“If ever a product deserved to be considered the Swiss Army knife of digital media playback, the BDP-105 is the one. Whether you choose it for multi-format disc playback, for network- streaming capabilities, or to use as a DAC at the heart of a computer-audio system, the BDP-105 will consistently serve up levels of sonic refinement and sophistication the belie its modest price. Enthusiastically recommended. If ever a product deserved to be considered the Swiss Army knife of digital media playback, the BDP-105 is the one. Whether you choose it for multi-format disc playback, for network- streaming capabilities, or to use as a DAC at the heart of a computer-audio system, the BDP-105 will consistently serve up levels of sonic refinement and sophistication the belie its modest price. Enthusiastically recommended.”

What Hi-Fi had this to say about the BDP-105D Player:

“It’s easy to dismiss a machine like the BDP-105D as being too expensive. If all you want is a way of playing Blu-rays and DVDs,
it probably is.  However, if you crave a really talented source component that plays pretty much all movie and music content to a high standard,
the story is very different. Want one machine to do it all? Here it is.”


The Vandersteen Treo CT’s have just been awarded The Absolute Sound’s “Editor’s Choice Award" (Loudspeakers $5000-10,000):

The question is actually a very simple one: Are you an audiophile whose ears are attuned to the sound of live, unamplified acoustic music performed in a natural setting—traditionally defined in these pages as “the absolute sound”? If the answer is yes, Vandersteen Audio would very much like to talk to you. For this is the milieu of its Treo CT, a mid-sized floorstander that, at $7990, resides midpack in the Vandersteen lineup. It’s a loudspeaker that has an uncommon reverence for the music that poses the greatest challenges to an audio system. Reproducing
the context and complexities of performance and venue, harmonics and ambience, the micro and the macro is where the Treo CT shines at its most brilliant.

The Treo CT silhouette will be instantly familiar to longtime audiophiles, and not just to Vandersteen fanciers. Elements of this classic look—the slanted front baffle to time-align the drivers, the cabinet widening and deepening as its non-parallel sidewalls flow into its base—have appeared in varying degrees from makers as disparate as Thiel, Avalon, Rockport, Wilson Audio, and, more recently, newcomers like Ryan Audio.

The Treo CT is a four-way floorstanding loudspeaker in a bass-reflex enclosure. (The single port fires downward from the speaker’s base.) It shares its general architecture and transducers with the Quatro Wood CT—a hybrid iteration with a powered bass system. CT stands for carbon tweeter—an evolution of the driver type first developed for the Model Seven flagship, later migrated to the Model 5A Carbon, and now an option with the CT (the standard Treo lists for $6900/pair). For Vandersteen, carbon-driver cones offer the pistonic linearity of metal drivers without their inherently unnatural and amusical sonic colorations (known as ringing in some circles).


East End HI-Fi are pleased to announce our new partnership with Audio Alchemy, a well-known electronics company from back in the early 1990’s, led by the legendary designer Peter Madnick.  Peter is also one of the key designers for Constellation Audio.  Audio Alchemy have made a comeback with basically the same team, only this time with improved build quality and aesthetics for their product line.  Madnick and the team has maintained the brand’s original ethos of superior technology and value, layering in their experience over the years to bring a level of elegance and high-end performance they could only once dream of.

East End Hi-Fi currently have the DPA-1 Stereo amp ($1995.00 retail) on demonstration.

East End Hi-Fi is pleased to form a new partnership with Acoustic Signature, one of the leading manufacturers of turntables and tonearms.

As pictured on the left, we have the Challenger Mk3 with the Silencer Platter with two motors for audition!

Acoustic Signature designer Gunther Frohnhöfer has been building mass loaded aluminum-based turntables for decades. Acoustic Signature turntables are solid, non-suspended designs with heavy platters and electronically controlled drive motors. Their maintenance-free bearings are meant to last a lifetime, while their exchangeable tonearm plates allow for easy swapping of tonearms.  


East End Hi-Fi is pleased to announce a new partnership in the cable industry.  We are now authorized dealer s for Wireworld Cable.  They offer some of the highest value cables in the industry.  One example is their Eclipse 7 interconnect, which retails for $450.00 in either an XLR or RCA connection.

This product has received many awards including Stereoplay magazine's Independent Cable Survey of 14 Brands in October 2014:

Highlights & Conclusions:
"Stereoplay's Top Dog in the sub 500 Euro class.  Reviewed in issue 6/2013, it convinced us with fantastic resolution and vitality that reminds us of the grand Platinum Eclipse”.     “No other cable in the competition could get even close to the Eclipse 7".

"The test results do not represent personal individual statements, but reflect the combined hearing perceptions of the entire panel...The results were altogether consistent in the three stereo systems... To provide an even broader basis for the listening test results, we also had the test takers make the same comparisons with headphones... The AudioQuest sounded harmonious in all chains, but dynamically compressed; Van Den Hul always appeared  somewhere in the middle... The non-shielded Kimber and the Van den Hul with its relatively high shield resistance were somewhat sensitive to external noise sources such as fluorescent lamps... The insights we’ve gained show that the much vaunted sound tuning with targeted use of “cable sound” is a rather two-edged sword - because the cables emphasis of certain sonic properties cannot exist without creating disadvantages elsewhere. Consequently, Stereoplay’s top rated cables in the listening tests are therefore always the most neutral, detailed and dynamic”.


​​East End Hi-Fi is pleased to announce a new partnership with Lawrence Audio!  Founded in 1996 by Lawrence Liao, Lawrence Audio has created an exquisite line up of eye-catching and beautiful sounding loudspeakers including several modeled after actual musical instruments. The original inspiration for the design of these unique speakers is Lawrence’s love of classical music and instruments such as the violin, mandolin, and the cello.

East End Hi-Fi have just received their Lawrence Audio Violin SE Speakers for demonstration!!

​These speakers are  something special with their AMT (Air Motion Transformer) tweeters, and 8" carbon fiber mid/woofer, as well as a rear ambiance ribbon tweeter.  They are amazingly transparent with a cohesiveness that is shocking considering the  disparate drivers...neutral tone, with a very big sound stage, a powerful, tight bottom end that goes down to 35Hz.

Please visit East End Hi-Fi to hear the amazing sounding and looking Lawrence Audio Cello speakers.  To my ears, it’s one of the best sounding speakers at any price!  It combines resolution, transparency dynamics, musicality excellent sound staging, and an overall coherence that is impossible not to like.  

Here’s what Terry London of Home Theater said:
Competition and Comparison
"In the price bracket of around $18,000 for floor-standing speakers, the major competitors would either be the Wilson Audio Specialties Sophia Series 3, which is valued at $17,600, or the Vandersteen Model 5A valued at $18,995. Both speakers are highly acclaimed and offer reference-level musical performance. Being very familiar with both models,  I still would choose the Cellos over these two excellent speakers, because the Cellos combine all of the analytical and objective virtues that both the Sophia Series 3 and the Vandersteen Model 5A provide.  Additionally, the Cellos add a higher level of musicality and an emotional aspect to the music than the other speakers do.”

"Lawrence Audio, with their Cello floor-standing speakers, is a new player on the audio scene here in the States. It was an eye-opening experience to audition these speakers, due to their physical appearance and beauty. More importantly, the Cellos render music in an amazingly natural and relaxing way. This does not mean that the Cello is just a pleasant-sounding or euphonic speaker. The Cellos offer reference-level objective performance in all the important areas, such as soundstage, timbre, high and low extension, and dynamics. I highly recommend that you put the Cello on your audition list before you make your next purchase, if you can afford speakers in this price range.

"The highest compliment I can give to the Cellos is that they replaced my long-term reference MG20s, and I purchased the review pair as my new reference.”